Are you afraid of singing in public? Are you a first time karaoker? Have you received your first invitation to a karaoke night?

What if I sing badly? What if they laugh at me? Most of us react when we embark on a karaoke night! Everyone has certain inhibitions regarding performing on stage in front of an audience. But that does not mean that we don’t even give it a shot.

So you won't embarrass yourself too much, we’ve included some helpful hints for you to perform @ the Social in Duncan. BC

Select your song wisely

The best thing you can do is pick a crowd pleaser. Sing a song that is so ingrained in our culture and so beloved that everyone will sing along loudly, muffling your inability to hit certain notes. Also, try to pick a song that is not longer than 3 minutes. Anything longer will be taxing and maybe become boring

Do the advance work

A little homework goes a long way. Before you hit the Social, nestled in the Cowichan Valley, think about the songs you know best. Then ask yourself if this song is in your range. Once you figure out the song that works for you, practice it a few of times before your performance. This would give you the public display confidence

Don’t go first, but don’t go last either

Let someone else kick things off so you’ll feel a little more comfortable after watching someone else perform … you’ll have time to grab a drink or two and relax.

While going first might be scary but going last can be even scarier. You don’t want to give yourself too much time to think. Target the middle.

Enjoy your performance

Enjoy your performance uninhibited, pretend that no one is watching. If you enjoy your performance, your audience will enjoy it too, here at the Social in Duncan, BC.



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